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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you affiliated with Jimmi or his representatives?
No, we are not. We are an 100% unofficial fan made site for fans.

How do I contact the webmasters of this site?
If you would like to ask us something or want to speak to us, contact us here and we will try to answer as soon as we can. If you want to contribute to the site do it by emailing us.

Do you get paid for this site?
No we don’t. We use our own money to provide new themes, DVD’s to be screen capped and etc.

Who maintains this website?
This website is run by Jess.

Photo Gallery Questions

Why don’t you add candid photos to the gallery?
We would like to respect Jimmi’s privacy. We also don’t feel comfortable adding candids in general.

Why are some of the screen captures in low quality?
It is often difficult to find videos from earlier years. We will continue to add them because it’s important to us to have photos from projects. Many of the television and film projects will hopefully be replaced at a later time.